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Black is White

Contains: no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), no triclosan, no plastic particles

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Webinar on Activated Charcoal by

Dr. Peter Vanstrom  

Black Is White: exceptional whitening
without bleach and abrasive agents
Curaprox has trendy lifestyle products doing jobs nobody actually thinks
are possible to fulfill. The Black Is White exemplifies this fact best:
atraumatic, effective, accepted.To maintain oral health, stains are removed by activated carbon instead of by abrasion or chemical bleaching. activated carbon gives the toothpaste
both its color and its name: «Black Is White».

Black Is White: refreshingly lime-flavoured
White Is Black: extra mild taste all other ingredients being the same.

Very trendy

but probably needs talking: about bleaching and abrasion,
about enzymatic system, about hydroxylapatite et cetera. actually, the
Black Is White is one of the best ways to get in touch with people and
explain mouth-health.

Main ingredient
activated carbon is responsible for the gentleness of this whitening
toothpaste. activated carbon is black and it removes stains without
abrading the enamel or using a chemical bleaching agent. Instead, the
activated carbon absorbs stain particles and gently eliminates them.

Sodium fluoride
Sodium fluoride protects against caries; it acts quickly and provides a
more neutral acid climate.


nano-hydroxylapatite has a protective effect: due to the close similarity of its structure to tooth enamel, it serves as a protective layer on the tooth; it is also claimed to have a remedial effect on damaged tooth enamel. It can even fill in incipient caries again.



Enzymatic system
Black Is White also contains enzymes that occur naturally in the saliva.
These enzymes enhance the saliva’s antibacterial and antiviral functions.
In addition, they protect against tooth decay and help to combat dry

Prestige Sparkling Blue
Other ingredients are a blue and a cooling substance: Prestige Sparkling
Blue aesthetically supports the whitening effect as a physical brightener
and emphasizes the whiteness of teeth.

Starphere gives a pleasant cooling sensation while cleaning.

«Black Is White» whitening toothpaste removes stains using activated
carbon – without abrasive agents and without bleach. enzymes for caries
protection and to support the salivary functions. 15,000 ppm hydro
xylapaptite (nano) to remineralize the enamel and to close open dentinal
canals. Prestige Sparkling Blue as physical brighteners. Few essential
oils. Starphere® as a cooling agent. Without SLS. Without triclosan.
Without bleaching agents. Without plastic particles. Can be used as regu
lar toothpaste without any limitations. also available as «White Is Black»:
extra mild taste.