Take Black

Get White

Black Is White whitening toothpaste removes discolouration using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching

while boosting oral health.


WITHOUT:  Triclosan

WITHOUT Plastic particles

WITHOUT:  Any limitations

Contains: Fluoride and Hydroxylapatite for sensitivity

5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush    Black is White Toothpaste     Interdental Brushes  

     With 5460 bristles - really!                     It's Black toothpaste - really!        Different sizes & super soft - really! 


I was introduced to the Curaprox product line at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Session.  I fell in love with Black is White toothpaste and the ultra soft toothbrush immediately!  After just three brushings, my teeth were notably whiter.  Black is White provides an amazingly clean feeling without harsh ingredients and it tastes great.  The doctors and hygienists in our practice are all using it and we’ve decided to carry it in office for our patients.  The feedback from our patients has been fantastic and it’s flying off the shelves! Linda Straub-Bruce, RDH, BSEd, PHDHP, RDH and Office Manager of Hammerlee Dental Care - Erie, PA

"We cannot keep enough Black is White on the sales shelve at the front desk at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta. Our esthetic patients are now buying their second and third tubes.  That is a testament to how well this whitening toothpaste works!"

Peter Vanstrom DDS - Atlanta, GA

"We absolutely love your toothbrushes.  I tried it first and everyone thought I was exaggerating about how great my teeth felt.  The next girl that tried it was like "you were right, my teeth feel amazing."  Our doctor didn't get to try it because by the time he came back they'd all been used.  Now everyone is anxiously awaiting the delivery so they can try it.  I never imagined a manual toothbrush could make such a difference"  Robyn RDH - Arlington, TX

​"I called Curaprox to let them know that since we have implemented the ID brushes into the practice we are showing great results from our patients who never liked to floss and are now using the Interdental brushes"  Steven Ratiner DDS - Clinton Twp, MI

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