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Bleeding on Brushing "BOB"

We are so excited to start rolling out our Bleeding on Brushing (BOB) Score Software Program!!! 

We have developed a digital version of the Mouth Map chart that not only helps store the patients data and progress, but also allows to combine BOB (bleeding on brushing) with the determination of the correct IDB size.

 Identify the severity of inflammation

30 teeth x 30% = 10

More than 10 teeth need to show Type 2-3 inflammation to qualify for D4346 (New Gingival Inflammation code)

0 = No Inflammation

1 = Mild Inflammation - Slight change in color and slight edema but no bleeding on probing

2 = Moderate Inflammation - Redness, edema, and glazing, bleeding on probing

3 = Severe Inflammation - Marked redness and edema, ulceration with tendency to spontaneous bleeding

For each practice that purchases an Interdental Kit (Prime, Implant or Perio) you will receive 1 Free month subscription (or $49.95 Value) to use the Bleeding Index software.

With a monthly purchase of Curaprox Interdental Brushes, your subscription will continue to be Free 

 Register and access the Bleeding Index software. 1 subscription cover the costs or 2 users per/practice.

Monthly Subscription





Rules and Regs

Effective Jan. 1st, 2019

The “BOB” Score subscription is valued at $29.95 per/month. Subscription fees will be waived if the office continues to purchase Curaprox Interdental brushes on a monthly basis. Subscription may continue without purchase of Curaprox ID brushes for a fee of $29.95 per/month